Best Way to Travel with Nature- Cycling and E-Cycling


“We feel you can explore the world with a total focus when there is nothing in between, whether it is phones, window screens, or any other thing. No guides, no maps and just plainly being with nature is the best possible adventure. Just winding down nature’s way of exploration and being one with the true essence of us uniting with nature”.

Our Founder Vandana Vijay at the Khardungla Pass on her e-cycling trip through Ladakh

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From pedalling all through Ladakh to Northeast, our e-cycling tour has seen changing landscapes, immersive experiences and the wind on the face and hair kind of experience. Peaceful villages, beautifully bountiful landscapes, mountains with breathtaking views, and lovely flowing streams are some of the few things you will encounter while cycling through Ladakh and Nagaland and Manipur.  


Myriad blissful experiences along the Loktak Lake in Manipur

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There is an amazing simplicity in cycling which brings myriad adventures waiting for you along the way and after you get off. Our e-cycling tours are best suited for all kinds of adventure travellers. Of course, it goes without saying, that there are no prizes for coming first and the cycling gear is totally your choice! But the experience will be a world of wonder, that’s a sure promise!


Some FAQs

1. How fit should you be?

Fitness is no pre-requisite for these e-bike rides as they are even more convenient to ride. All the skills you need are to be able to ride a bicycle and the passion to explore the world and see it closely. Really, that is all!

We would recommend at least cycling for a few hours before you come on the tour so that you don’t get saddle-sore.


2. How demanding are the bike rides?


Our cycling trips are somewhere between 30-70 km and are carried out at a leisurely pace together with enjoying the scenery and landscapes, taking a break every now and then to soak in the local musings. Our e-bikes make life much easier and all you have to do is pedal and you can get a higher average speed which makes it easy to ride along mountainous areas. 


3. What to wear?

The material of clothes is a matter of choice, it could be lycra or gym wear or any other material. You can decide on whatever you wish. The only thing is that it should be breathable, lightweight and quick-drying. Cotton, according to us is not the best alternative but the local adventure store will have quick-drying breathable material and you are sorted. 

For the shoes, definitely, something with closed toes is a good option. A loose toe may make you end up having some or the other kind of mishap and ruin a great holiday. Be sure to check for that. Another pair of separate/extra shoes is our recommendation in case the shoes you’re wearing get wet or there’s some other issue. 

Other things that we recommend you to carry are Padded cycling shorts, electrolytes, helmets, gloves, windcheaters, riding glasses etc.

Scenic and idyllic Homestay at Loktak in Manipur

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Local Liaisons

Meeting and interacting with locals is best achieved when cycling through any of the states in India. It is a major highlight of any trip whether it is a cycling expedition or anything else. The way you can connect to the local air, local people and the various localities while cycling is a completely different feeling altogether. 


Why chose an e-bicycling tour over a regular tour?

Well, the answer is simple. It’s for the whole feel of being connected with nature and being one with the localities you are out to explore. What do you get to see? Tons! Right from local people going about their daily business to the local areas to explore, the local food, cultural interactions you are bound to have with the people there and so much more. 


You can really feel the idea of Slow travel, healthy travel and green travel without polluting the environment where you are setting foot and also not causing any kind of fuel burning. Your travel is all green which goes a long way in reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. We at Offbeat tracks believe in following responsible travel, slow travel and giving back to the environment, to make it better and not cause a carbon footprint. This is where a cycling trip becomes the most sustainable option to see the world!

We also recommend bringing a separate pair of shoes to walk in for the days we are off the bike and exploring the destination.


A Local Boat lady with a lovely voice called for the most blissful boat ride

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We on our trips go through cycle paths and roads that help us experience the destination in totality. We do not go on the usual tourist track. Why not be offbeat in every way, right?

Homestay as a part of the e-cycling tour through Ladakh

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All of our trips also have a leader, a support vehicle driver, and a mechanic available at all times. The leader leads the entire group, controlling the pace of the group and guiding the whole lot through. In the case of Nagaland, we had our founder, Vandana Vijay as the leader who took the group of 5 e-cyclists all through Nagaland and Manipur. 

Our Founder Vandana Vijay with her e-cycling team enjoying Local flavours at the homestay in Loktak 

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We also ensure the location has a lot to offer you and will culturally satisfy your travel soul. You are free to bask in the myriad things the place has to offer you. Cycling in itself is like having the best of both worlds, exploration and enjoyment with keeping physically fit too, being an added bonus. Our stoppages are very interesting and the sights to watch while cycling are indeed photograph worthy, that goes without saying!


What a basic cycling tour itinerary would look like: 

Day 1: Arrive at the first halt village and stay at the local village homestay. 

Day 2: Village walk to explore the local artisans and handicrafts. Attend the festival (if any) at the village. 

Day 3: Leisure ride along the neighbouring villages. Visit the local markets too. 

Day 4: Cycle through the next 2 villages while exploring local food, markets and other local musings. 

Day 5: Visit the local cafes and enjoy lunch with the locals. 

Day 6 and Day 7: Cycle through the remaining villages to have the most authentic experiences, in northeast India and Ladakh region. 

Day 8: Departure.


Come experience the world with a different lens with us, offbeat in every way, but with the truest sense of exploration and admiration of nature and localities. Enjoy the Offbeat way, cycle all through your way!



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