Great Reads about the Himalayas for the Travel Reader in You

The Great Himalayas are something every traveler needs to experience for themselves. You will discover new levels of serenity and bliss up there. The magical land has a certain, almost gravitational pull towards it, making it one of the most fascinating offbeat places on earth.

There are lots of incredible recollections of some other people’s travels there, for you to indulge in before experiencing the actual thing. The Himalayas have been the setting for both thrilling and tranquil tales of some of the most beloved authors in the world.

Here’s a list of some books about the Himalayas that are nearly impossible to put down:


Seven Years In Tibet – Heinrich Harrer

You’ll love this book if you enjoy reading about Tibetan History.

Written in 1952, Seven Years In Tibet talks about the author’s experiences in Tibet between 1944 and 1951. Fro

m the second world war, to the Chinese Liberation Army’s invasion, this book covers the events that tra

nspired in those seven remarkable years Harrer spent there, and his relationship with the Dalai Lama. Set in the beautiful land of Tibet, deep in the Himalayas, the story paints a melancholy, yet vivid picture.

The book has also been adapted into a movie, starring Brad Pitt. The tone of the

book is autobiographical and anecdotal, with Harrer recounting many incidents along his travels and time with the Dalai Lama. The book is great read for everyone, especially if Tibetan history fascinates you.


To experience fascinating Tibetan culture in India, visit one of the many Festival in Ladakh.




Lost In The Himalayas – James Scott

This book is for your more adventurous side.

The gripping story of James Scott’s misadventure in the Himalayas where he was stranded, in hope of rescue for 43 days. Lost In The Himalayas is a story of survival, isolation, despair and hope. The author’s incredible true story is impossible to put down. Written in the perspective of a hopelessly stranded mountaineer waiting for rescue, the book talks about how Scott had to make every desperate effort to survive, and how the hardest battle is against your own crumbling willpower.

The book was co-written by James Scott’s sister, who led the rescue mission to find him. Both perspectives tell a tale of remarkable faith in the face of despair. The author still suffers nerve damage and some vision impairment due to his time lost in the unforgiving mountains.


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Landour Days – Ruskin Bond

A relaxed and calming read for avid readers of Bond.

Full of soft humor, and warm anecdotes, the books has an overall wholesome feel to it. Landour Days is a collection of some of Ruskin Bond’s journal entries in the Himalayas. The beloved writer writes about his experiences and the feeling of being a writer among many other things.

Landour Days describes the blissful serenity of the mountains, the genius loci, Bond’s interactions with people, and his beautifully worded thoughts and opinions of other writers he’s known. The book is set across the seasons of a year, in Bond’s hometown, Landour. The journal is beautifully expressive, and incredibly calming, making it a must read for anyone who loves a good book.



For a relaxed vacation in the mountains, check out this Bhutan itinerary.




Lost Horizon – James Hilton

Although fictional, the story is surreal and immersive.

The story of a British Diplomat who stumbles upon Shangri-La, a utopian paradise in the Himalayas. Written in 1933 and later adapted into a movie in 1937, the book tells a story of finding peace and solace in their truest forms. The book is remembered for having introduced the world to the concept of Shangri-La.

Shangri-La is also known as the land of longevity. The story revolves around the passengers of an ill fated plane that crashes into the western Himalayas. The protagonist’s quest for peace, and the absolutely thrilling enormity of it all makes this book a fantastic read. James Hilton’s writing is fiercely gripping, and impossible to put down.



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