6 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Absolute Best

Everybody should travel. There is quite simply no other alternative to exploring the world. Why spend life looking at the same old things in the same old town doing the same old stuff you’ve always been doing. Get out. Explore. And if you can, do it alone.



Solo travel is probably the best way to spend time with yourself. The experience is irreplaceable. Of course, its fun to travel with your friends, or to fly off on a family vacation, but you will never see a place the way you will if you explore it all by yourself.


Here’s a list of reasons why Solo Travel is the best way to gain inspiration :


1. Money

Let’s face it… your wallet straight up bleeds when you’re out with your friends. We tend to spend more collectively and there are no two ways about it. When you travel alone, you’ll be surprised at just how easily you can save money. Single accommodation tends to be dirt cheap,  the food bills are rather small, and getting around the place gets so much easier than in a squad of 5.


2. Explore More

The day almost feels like it’s running slower. With nobody else to distract you off of your path, you can cover a much larger and adventure-packed itinerary by yourself. The possibilities are endless. Travelling alone gives you time to discover things you otherwise wouldn’t.



3. Discover Yourself

Brand new place, a new set of people, new food, different culture, exciting sites, and you, all by yourself. Look inside and find your true passions when you discover a new place alone. Solo travel is the best way to really connect with yourself like never before.


4. Meet People

Here’s your chance to really step outside your social circle and interact with a whole new set of people. The cultural exposure you gain is just priceless. See the world from perspectives you’ve never imagined. And who knows… you might make some lasting friendships along the way.


5. No Compromise

It’s impossible to 100% satisfy everybody at the same time. Time constraints mean that not everything you want to do can be accommodated in a group itinerary. There may be some things you’re reluctant to do but get talked into anyway. Similarly, there may be plenty of things you’d rather be doing, but can’t, since you just don’t have the time. When you travel alone, be sure to make time for things you really want to see or do. With nobody stopping you, you’ll experience the place to its fullest, the way you want to.


6. Growth

Do not miss out on these big chunks of life experience. Solo travel opens up so many aspects of your self that you didn’t even know existed. There is nothing you can possibly trade for the time you spend alone with your thoughts while exploring the world.


So who are you waiting for? Go explore! Just make sure you find somebody there to click pictures for you.

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