Offbeat Experiences You Have To Try In Arunachal Pradesh

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ARUNACHAL PRADESH, home to some of the most beautiful phenomena of nature, lies in the far north east of India. The land is known for its picturesque beauty which can be seen in its mighty mountains and pristine lakes. Arunachal Pradesh is also home to the Apatani Tribe, a unique civilization of people who live their lives in harmony with nature. There is so much to explore in the state, with Tawang and Ziro valley being the two biggest hotspots for travelers:



The birthplace of the Dalai Lama, Tawang, is famous for its many beautiful monasteries and picturesque views. Buddhists seek to visit Tawang, as it is of great significance to them, with the Tawang monastery being amongst the most important sites. Its natural beauty only matches the spirituality of the land. Tawang is also home to unique, mouth-watering cuisine.


Blissful Ride Down Sela Pass

The Sela Pass is the only way that connects Tawang to the rest of the country. Passing through the Himalayas, the Sela Pass is absolutely breathtaking and goes to show just how spectacular Mother Nature can be. With a number of pristine lakes around it, the pass is a great way to experience the majestic Himalayas. You will require an ILP (inner line permit) to access the pass.


Tranquil Experience At Taktsang Gompa

Literally translating to Tiger’s Den, the monastery is a must visit site when travelling to Arunachal Pradesh. The Taktsang Gompa has been built at an altitude of about 13,000 feet. The location is sure to take your breath away, as you experience the kind of peace and tranquility that you could only dream of. Not only is the monastery beautiful, but it also holds a lot of significance to Buddhist culture. Guru Padmasambhava is said to have meditated here back in the 8th century. The monastery is one of the most important religious sites to visit.


Thrift Shopping At The Tibetan Settlement Market

Also known as the Vihara Market, the Tibetan settlement market consists of a number of small shops and stalls where you can by lots of touristy items. You can shop for traditional Tibetan outfits, little trinkets, handicrafts, porcelain crockery, or other souvenirs to take home from your trip. You can shop till you drop here at ridiculously low prices, making your bags get heavier without your wallet getting any lighter.



Deep in the formidable mountain-scape of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro valley is a quaint, yet exiting town to visit. There are plenty of attractions, both spiritual and adventurous, to make your trip here memorable. Ziro valley also happens to be the home of the Apatani Tribe.


Connect With Nature At Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Arunachal Pradesh contains 40% of the country’s flora and fauna. The Talley Valley sanctuary is a great place to experience this biodiversity. Many beautiful, yet endangered species such as the clouded leopard can be found here. You can simply lose yourself in the lush forests so full of life here. The sanctuary, located 30 km north of Ziro, is a must visit location during your trip to Arunachal Pradesh.


Explore The Historic Meghna Cave Temple

Discovered as recently as 1962, the temple dates back about 5000 years. The temple, built to worship the 28th embodiment of Lord Shiva, showcases some amazing architecture and old Sanskrit scriptures. The best time of the year to visit the cave temple is during the Maha Shivratri festivities, which are grandly celebrated here. The temple gives a stunning view, sitting 300 feet above the ground. The Meghna Cave Temple is truly one of the most beautiful and astonishing attractions in the state.


Offbeat Trek to Kile Pakho

The Kile Pakho ridge, 7 kms from Ziro Valley, offers a staggering view of the Ziro plateau on one side with the snow-capped Himalayas on the other. The ridge can only be accessed by a trek up to it. Kile Pakho is a truly spectacular offbeat destination.

Ziro Valley Arunachal

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