Lachung: Of Quaint Hamlet in Hills, Rivers and Peace-seeking

The lesser-known marvel of a hamlet called Lachung is nestled high up in the North Sikkim mountains at an elevation of around 9,600 ft asl. The region is adept with rhododendron sanctuaries, magnificent mountains, diverse flora and fauna and peace-calling locales. The Lachung river (called chu in the local dialect) meanders through the town of …

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Nepal Pokhara- Image of Mt Everest

The Alluring Little Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal

    Snowy peaks, beautiful trekking trails, mountains, jungles, diverse culture and an ancient charm are what make Nepal a unique destination. The little Himalayan country is an exciting travel destination that is sure to tickle the wanderlust in you!   Nepal has long been a place that has an unparalleled charm with the most …

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Alchi monastery, Ladakh

Alchi- The Oldest Monastery of Ladakh 

  A quintessentially scenic sanctuary nestled in the lap of the Himalayas is the Alchi monastery or Alchi Gompa. The monastery complex has four separate settlements all over the Alchi village and the Sham valley region. There are a number of monuments that date back to different periods in history here. Alchi is famous and …

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Hanle- The Hidden Marvel of Ladakh

  A place so enchanting, set amidst nothingness and the calm of nature with breathtaking aerial views of the quaint little village nestled in the Himalayan ranges.  The picture that comes to mind is of the Hanle valley located along the Hanle River on one of the old Ladakh-Tibet trade routes.  The image shows the …

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Know the Best Month to Visit Ladakh

The image shows stunning Ladakh scenery Image courtesy:   What is the first place that pops into your mind when we talk about adventure in India? Definitely, Ladakh will be on that list! For many, Ladakh is a dream destination. No number of trips to this place is ever enough. Mother Nature truly flaunts …

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